Edyta Leszczak | photographer | About
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photo: Michał Kawecki

Edyta Leszczak

Graduate of the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw – Interior Design | used to be freelance graphic designer | at first in love with street photography | she shook hand with Joel Meyerowitz during an exhibition in one of the New York art galleries, not knowing that he will become her favourite photographer | a participant of “Capturing the City’s Spirit” workshop in the International Center of Photography in New York | finalist of the 3.Leica Street Photo – Street Fashion 2013 contest | awarded in the Urban Photographer of The Year 2012 competition | finalist of the 2.Leica Street Photo – Moment is one 2012 contest | prize–winner of the Fujifilm Europe GmbH – Street Photography 2011 contest | awarded in the Street Photo by Olympus – 2010 contest…

now in love with portrait, fashion & kids fashion photography | it’s her second year of being professional photographer | she is dedicated to minimalism and driven by a desire to produce great work that reflects her deep interest in fashion, design, people, and the abundant powerful stories around us.

photo: Michał Kawecki

photo: Michał Kawecki

Below you will find her portfolios designed for you or your clients.